Amanda Overmyer has a hard driving, bluesy sound with a southern rock roots approach to the music industry.  Based out of Indiana, she has taken her high-energy rock show on the road this past year and is revving up for this year’s leg of the “Solidify” tour.  Accompanied by her band also based out of Indiana, they have put together a debut album that has not only won over audiences across the nation, but is still gaining momentum as they continue to showcase and promote it with their own Overmyer Productions team. 

She was born in Little Rock, 1984, and was raised listening to the sounds of her Dad’s vinyl collection including CCR, Molly Hatchet and Bob Seger.  At a young age, she recognized her ability to not only sing but to put together melodies and lyrics to create music of her own.  She started writing songs at a young age, sitting in the back of class typically not paying attention.  After playing in various cover bands in her current hometown in Indiana, she was able to make her way to the Top 12 on Season 7 American Idol placing 11th.  Immediately after the show she went to work on her first album “Solidify” and was able to show the nation her talent.  Writing all of the songs on the album, she was then able to “live the dream” and take her show on the road.

Moving into 2010, dates are lining up for the well reviewed “Solidify” tour.  “Solidify” is available on all major internet distribution sites including, and, as well as at every show.  Priding herself on the huge amount of fan support she has received, she dedicates time after every show to meet and converse with those that have helped her get to where she is.  So don’t miss out on the high powered, blood pumping rock show that is the “Solidify” tour…it is coming to a town near you!

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