Cozy Johnson: A force to be reckoned with.  Starting a love for music at a young age, he grew up loving the sounds of Jethro Tull, Yes, Kansas, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Elton John and Alice Cooper.  At 11, he watched his friend Terry Miller get all the cheerleaders by playing drums at an after school event.  This was the day he realized he was to be a drummer. Once submerged in rock and roll beats and syncopated rhythms, he found John Bonham in his teenage years, and recognized his talent.  In 1983, as a 23 year old, he landed the gig as a drum tech for Black Oak Arkansas, a hard driving southern rock band at the time most recognized for their eccentric lead singer Jim Dandy and his title song, “Jim Dandy”.  After three months of service, he was offered the full time gig as the drummer for the band.  Replacing Bobby Torello, he played for 3 years on the road.  Recognizing that in the 1980s, sex drugs and flamboyance reigned, Cozy left the band and realized his true path in life.  A saved Christian, Cozy went home to raise his beloved son, Ian. (Who has given Cozy a new grandson!)  Now, through the grace of God, a bit of determination and sweat, Cozy Johnson has returned.  Recording on Amanda Overmyer’s album Solidify, and doing studio work for her producer, Rocco Guarino, he has not only made his mark but solidified his own place in rock and roll. Now he is traveling down the road once again.  Equipped with a new heart, a new mind and a new sound, he is determined to recreate and out do the music of the past.

Cozy Johnson
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