Sanctuary! Sanctuary! A word we can all be grateful for when it comes to Gary Higgins.  Spending all of his afterschool hours tinkering on a church piano, note by note, chord by chord, he taught himself to play piano.  Through the years, he developed an uncanny ability to hear and interpret music.  Highly influenced by Styx, Journey, Foreigner and The Who, he found that piano and keyboards place the icing on hard driving rock and roll.  At 18, he played his first rock show in his hometown of Lafayette, IN.  From then on, he made it his personal goal to move people with music.  He takes great pride in creating what he deems as “real music” creating phrases and patterns that not only complete the full rock and roll package, but shape it.  “All bands have guitar players, but a keyboard player can put a band’s sound over the top”.  Gary still today plays for the people, adding texture and smoothness to create a polished professional arena worthy sound.

Gary Higgins
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