Ritchie Wilkison was born in 1968 just south of Joliet, Illinois.  Early in his life, his love for music became, and today continues to be the driving force in his life.  His mother played piano and both his mother and father played guitar.  His mother introduced Ritchie early on to the sounds of Gospel and Classic Country music.  Once he recognized his natural ability to hear and interpret music, he decided to become a guitar player.  His father got him started on the mainstays of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Deep Chicago Blues.  After discovering the music of The Who, Led Zepplin and arena rockers of the 70s, and learning the basics from his father, Ritchie had a head start education in Rock and Roll.  In 1976, Ritchie played his first live show with his brother, Ray in a Bloomington shopping mall.  This Rock and Roll beginning would soon become the foundation that would eventually lead him to create and develop his own unique style and sound of electric guitar.

   Over the years Ritchie has played in many diverse types of musical projects both studio and live.  Ranging from heavy metal to acoustic projects, Ritchie has gained a incomparable musical range that is instilled in his own writings and accomplishments.   His resume includes acts such as Simon Barr Sinister of Indianapolis, Century Media Artists Angel Dust, and numerous European rock bands for which Ritchie performed as a touring guitarist.  As well, Human Bondage, the internationally released album from Angel Dust was Co-Written by Ritchie as well. 
   Throughout his several international tours and numerous projects of various genres, in Ritchie’s heart, you’ll still find the classic sounds from the standards of Rock he discovered so long ago.   Coming from a family full of music and lifetime of learning and living Rock and Roll, Ritchie Wilkison is just as much in love with his guitar as he was the first day he picked one up. 
Ritchie Wilkison

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