Aaron Lanane: unique, aggressive playing with a high energy stage show rarely matched by any other.
   Born and raised in Greensburg, IN primarily by his mother and stepfather,  Aaron’s introduction to music came from his parent’s albums.  A mix of the stylings of Aerosmith, the Eagles, ZZ top, and Hank Jr. are still heard today in Aaron’s playing.   Not only has Aaron been influenced by the sounds of these classic rock and country artists, but as well,  Aaron found himself watching the moves of the likes of Ted Nugent and Kiss.  Want to be visually as well as sonically entertained?  Sit front row when Aaron is on stage!
   By age fifteen he was playing and studying guitar, bass, and drums.    Over the last 13 years Aaron has played over 1000 live shows; playing rock, blues, country, metal, and everything in-between; music is Aaron’s life.  He has played for numerous bands including Stone Free, Catfish Davis, The Danny Isaacs Band, Sober on Sunday and Bigg Country all of Indianapolis.  Aaron has also spent some time touring the country with Pure Grain.
    Today, Aaron’s quest has become to challenge his already stellar musical capabilities by infusing multiple musical styles and genres into the music he plays. He jumps at every opportunity to meet, study and perform with musicians of all styles.

Aaron Lanane

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