“All guitar players can wank over each other, but it takes a solid rhythm section to make a solo soar.” 

He was born in 1970 in Kokomo, IN.  Starting at a young age of 17, he had a deep love for heavy metal.  Listening to the sounds of AC/DC, and Skynrd he developed an interest in playing Rock.  But it wasn’t until Guns and Roses when he realized his true calling.  The solid chord progressions and tight rhythms played by Izzy Stradlin gave Troy the blueprints for becoming the beating heart of a band.  His unique take on guitar playing and his dedication to team work molded this powerhouse into the “meat and potatoes” player he is now.  Once he developed his playing abilities, he became enamored with the quality of sound.  Always having to know how exactly something works, in the 80s and 90s you could find him in his garage ripping the guts out of whatever new musical toy he just bought. 
Today, having mastered his own blend of the sounds of a chainsaw and a freight train, he is still in love with rock and roll today as much as he was yesterday.  Not only has he found his place in the musical industry, but he also spends his days tinkering with his second love, the muscle car.  Recently re-building a 67 Camaro, you won’t find him cooped up in the garage anymore.  Just follow the trail of burn outs and you’ll know where he has been.

Troy Anderson
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